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Online fitness training to prepare you for all of life’s physical challenges. Our training is delivered by a team of expert coaches and we operate within an incredibly supportive community.

We offer group training that includes our daily workouts, live online classes and coaching groups. We also offer individually designed training that can exactly match your needs.

Because of this, our training is appropriate for all levels of fitness and all circumstances.

In a facility or online, not all gyms are the same. Here at CrossFit Exe we offer a training experience like no other.

Getting started

No Sweat Intro

This is our first point of contact.

An online consultation where we find out a bit about you.

What you want from your fitness and how we can help. It’s also a chance for you to find out how everything works and get all your questions answered.

Follow the link and book yourself in for your 20-minute consultation and we’ll take it from there.

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£60Per month

Classes Only

This is our basic group option.

It provides access to our training programmes, including our daily CrossFit workout, and our Movement and Endurance sessions.

It also opens up our live class schedule to book our fully-coached, online classes.

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£90Per month

Fully Loaded

This is our premium group option and our most popular service.

As with the classes only option, you will have access to our training programmes and all online classes.

However, you will also be assigned to one of our expert coaches who will help to tailor the sessions to your needs, keep you accountable with your training and include you in the highly supportive coaching groups.

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From£65Per month

Programming / Coaching

This is our main individual service and is offered over several tiers depending on the training sessions required.

Initially, you will be assigned to a own coach for a detailed online consultation & assessment.

Based on your circumstances and goals, your coach will design a training programme just for you.

Your programme will be delivered through our coaching app where you will communicate daily with your coach about the workout intention, results, technique, motivation and accountability.

There really is no better solution for personal fitness development.

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From£40Per session

Personal Training

This is our online personal training.

Upon confirmation with your trainer, you will receive details for your online session.

You will be coached through a full training session specific to your training goals and using the space & equipment you have available to you.

Expert personal training in the comfort of your own home.

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